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Leaning on a Wood Shelf by Hawk-tip Leaning on a Wood Shelf :iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 5 1 Bad Endings, Worse Beginnings by Hawk-tip Bad Endings, Worse Beginnings :iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 3 0 What I Already Loaded by Hawk-tip What I Already Loaded :iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 4 2 Sketch Poses (darker) by Hawk-tip Sketch Poses (darker) :iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 3 0 Reupload, Updated pic by Hawk-tip Reupload, Updated pic :iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 3 0 Leopards by Hawk-tip Leopards :iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 1 0 Teaser Page by Hawk-tip Teaser Page :iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 2 5 Lifehack: Shirt Case for Running and Whatever Else by Hawk-tip Lifehack: Shirt Case for Running and Whatever Else :iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 2 5 Hawky Giving You the Eye by Hawk-tip Hawky Giving You the Eye :iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 1 2 Drawing It Again by Hawk-tip Drawing It Again :iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 1 2
Blame it on the Night
When you look up at the stars what do you notice, or what do you pay particular attention to?
Do you look at the stars, the white sparkles that are all around?
Do you look at the blackness around and beyond?
Do you look at the barely visible clouds that struggle to be seen?
Do you look at the moon?
Do you look for the sun?
Do you look for something else?
Maybe a bird that is returning home late from a long day of looking for food for him or his family. Possibly even looking for the rays of moonlight escaping the edges of a midnight cloud.
:iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 0 3
You Got a Little Something by Hawk-tip You Got a Little Something :iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 1 0 To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left by Hawk-tip To the left, to the left, to the left, to the left :iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 2 13
The Real Reason
I know someone who told me when I was younger that I should lose weight because being fat was bad for my health.
Recently I figured out it wasn't my health they were worried about, but because it somehow flawed the way I look.
:iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 0 7
Mature content
The Day I Met the Ithacan Ruler :iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 0 3
The Day I Lost my Wings
There was a time and a place when and where I could call my home "home." The wide open spaces were enough for me to run around as a child, especially since I was a particularly inactive child who really had no desire to move. I saw family, but they were like strangers. The others, like enemies. Each bound to their own habits and morals and manners, I couldn't help but look at each with a sort of disdain that collectively grew my reclusive behaviors more and more, until one day, I realized how far from everyone I had drifted. Sure, I still lived not 50 feet from any of them. But to speak with them was like touching fire, where I couldn't stand more than a moment of contact.
So I grew. I grew larger in frame, vocabulary, knowledge... but mentally and psychologically, I was still a child. I submit myself to any and everyone since I didn't have the nerve to fight against what I did not agree with. I grew larger, but not stronger. Not in any real sense that could help me in the life unless
:iconhawk-tip:Hawk-tip 1 2


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I stop drawing for ONE WEEK, and suddenly I've forgotten how to anatomy.
Leaning on a Wood Shelf
A pic I made of :iconshinyaquablueribbon:'s Bosmer, Ethruin, and my khajiit, Kha'see, that we play as in Elder Scrolls Online. :D 

I really really like how it came out.

((I erased part of the arm band earlier... >.> I didn't notice until after I editted it on the comp. Whatever.))
Bad Endings, Worse Beginnings
Sweetheart... why is it you shake in the night? What are your memories? Where was it you came from, and why did you not stay?
What is the hate that you harbor, and how much does it mean? Is it worth holding on to? Does it slowly consume you?

Sweetheart... how did you survive? How much soot stained dirt have your claws scratched? How many have you buried? What did they want from you? Did they know you were alive?

A little picture of some backstory. But do you know what the scenario is? 8o This was supposed to be a collage of her face in different directions, but her expression made me think of something very dark, so I wanted to continue a certain theme. Not my cleanest work, I wasn't as nitpicky with the leftover pencil marks as I usually am, but... I was done working on it.

I finally found a decent technique to draw the leopards, the woman's face (This isn't sexist, she doesn't have a name yet) giving me a particularly difficult time coming out right. It's not enough to know how to draw a leopard's face in a style I like, but also knowing how to draw unique differences among leopard faces. New characters, different shapes.
Helloooooooo~~~~~ Mah name is Hawk-tip, Hunter, or any other pseudonym that you and I find enjoyable to respond with. I like good nicknames, so be creative, eh?

XD Jk, Whatever you say will be good enough. So long as it's, y'know, appropriate. :icondeathstareplz:

This profile is my second one, so if you recognize my art, you know why and don't report me cuz this is the same person. :la: No, I will not tell you my old account if you don't know me. There're several reasons I made a new one.

Anyway, with all levity and seriousness aside, this account will be primarily based around anthro/furry pictures. There's a good possiblity that somethings irrelevant to furry fandom will appear here. If that so happens... enjoy it? Enjoy what I post, regardless of what it may be, or don't, but please refrain from just commenting on something just because it has to do with one of your obsessions. My old account was just filled with watchers who wanted to see their fandom, commenting only on those things and ignoring any other form of art I chose to share.

Hopefully here, things will be different... - Niko Bellic

To get things started, allow me to introduce my characters.

Hawky- My fursona, is an anthropomorphic Red-tailed Hawk. He has a cartoony sort of look to him, and I enjoy that. He's muscular, which is a reference to my hobby of weight lifting. Although, I'm decently strong, I'm not so noticably muscular if ya catch my drift. He's 5'11, which is  a height I'd want to be. He has long head feathers atop his head because... my hair does that when I let it grow out. There are two versions of him: one, his head feathers shape into a triangular point at the top which is complemented by a lovely patch of feathers along the upper part of his back and shoulders. Two, his head feathers are not a triangular point, a tad bit shorter, he wears goggles to keep them supported upwards, no back and shoulder feathers. That's it. XD He wears a leather bracer on his right wrist and a leather-cuff style watch on his left. He is usually unclothed, but is sometimes for fun's sake. :P

Kendra- An anthropomorhpic female Zangoose. Her age will remain one year under mine until... maybe she's 21? She is an introverted, semi-quiet, insecure young woman who is desperate to find a guy to share herself with. She is a bookworm who spends her freetime either reading love novels or taking walks along the world record long beach pier near her home. She goes jogging at night to keep from being seen exercising around men, and was a track athlete in high-school. Her past has an undecided premise, which I'll... investigate... in my free time.
(Just as a note, Kendra is my interpretation as to what is considered an attractive girl. I don't mean in the furry fandom, just as a girl, she is what I consider physically attractive. :D Though I'm not shallow. I won't say no because of little things like looks). But the physically thing... yeah, I won't get into specifics. Like any other character I make, she is a very cuddly person. Kendra sleeps at night hugging a pillow as she has yet to do the same with a guy she can trust.

Drake- An anthropomorphic male Umbreon. I assume him to be my age, about 18. He is an extroverted, somewhat arrogant, physically fit young man who works as a running courier for that world record long pier and its neighboring town. For the most part, his work is his life. He spends everyday running back and forth across the town delivering things like business documents, sturdy/light parcels, and sometimes food. His springy digitigrade legs give him a speed advantage (acting like mini jumping stilts) not shared with most of the populace of the town, making him a desired errand boy when something needs delivering. He is one to seperate business from personal life; Drake is a bit of jerk. When the two cross paths, Kendra and him share small arguments that he starts for fun. Despite his verbal confrontations with others, he is very giving and will aid others if they are in need. Perhaps he is all talk and no walk? Running fixes that. His greatest fears involve him not being able to run anymore. Things like a broken leg, sprains, cramps, pulled muscles, or worse.

Those're my anthro characters so far. Just so you know, the muscular bird is me and I love making romance pictures. Expect them, and if you've taken the time to read this whole thing, thank you. :tighthug: This took too long to write. Arrivederci~
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